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Industrial Flooring System (Providing industries floor coating)


Epoxy floor is basically the most popular synthetic chemistry today. It has many outstanding features such as durability, beautifully design and easy to maintain. Epoxy flooring is applied in many industrial plants because it contains surface protection properties which prevented from the deterioration of chemicals, acid - alkalinity, moisture and impact from various activities. In the production process, Epoxy floor can be designed to have several layers according to the requirements of the operating conditions. Generally, there are two types of coating: one is Epoxy Coating, which is done by rolling and another is Gypsum Coating which is called Epoxy Self-Leveling. The coating in the latter type can be thicker than rolling and thickness can be many layers. Epoxy is unique in flow and leveling is designed by the thickness of the glazing equipment. In choosing the type of coating, it depends on the problem and the place or nature of the application in coating.


Specific properties of epoxy coated areas.

  • Strong resistance to impact
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Prevent the penetration of chemical
    acids - alkalinity, moisture
  • Does not absorb oil and water into the surface
  • No dust and cracking on the surface
  • Seamless, easy to clean
  • Available in various shades of color

Epoxy flooring can be divided into 6 types.

  • Epoxy Mortar Coating, a rolling flooring system, added by Mortar to increase its durability and moisture blocking ability as well as enabling to adjust surface level as appropriate.Used in automobile assembly plants, heavy industries warehouse,and aircraft repair factories.
  • Epoxy Mortar Self-LevelingEpoxy floor coating system with adjustable Mortar level to increase its durability and moisture blocking properties as well as enabling to adjust the surface level as appropriate.Used in automobile assembly plants, heavy industries warehouse, and aircraft repair factories with maximum strength and durability that is suitable for heavy loaded areas, such as loading docks with heavy traffic
  • Epoxy Mortar None-SlipEpoxy Mortar flooring system with Epoxy surface coating. This type has a strongresistant to impact, as well as protecting from the weight and chemicals used in anti-slip areas. It is often used in the parking lot.
  • Epoxy Coatingis suitable for general uses within the factory where the traffic is not too heavy.This coating type is cheaper and most affordable.
  • Epoxy Self-Leveling, this type has a very good shine and flexibility, which is suitable for general purposes floor to heavy-duty factories or warehouses with heavy use.
  • Epoxy Anti-Staticdesigned spaces for non-static flooring which is used in chemical or electronics factories.




Polyurethane Floor System (Polyurethane Flooring System)

Polyurethane is a chemical flooring that is specifically designed for the industry floor, such as food manufacturing, cold storage, or any floor space that is dry or wet all the time. It also has a high resistant to chemicals, organic acids, inorganic acids, hydrochloric acids and alkalis. Abrasion resistant, excellent resistance to temperature changes, can drastically inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. Prevent disease due to pathogens and temperature changes.

Unique features of polyurethane coated surface.

  • Good impact resistance
  • Very good abrasion resistant
  • Prevents penetration of acid-alkali chemicals
  • Resistant to moisture and water
  • No dust and cracking of the surface
  • Seamless, easy to clean
  • Resistant to temperature changes from - 40 to 130 degrees Celsius

Polyurethane Floor Can be divided into 2 types.              

  • POLYURETHANE M / F (Smooth Surface) is a coating system by expert technicians, available in 5 standard colors: red, green, gray, yellow, and cream.
  • POLYURETHANE H / F (Semi-coarse Surface) is a coating system by expert technicians, available in 5 colors: red, green, gray, yellow, and cream.

Stadium Floor Systems (Sport Flooring System)

The surface reinforcement system that is installed both inside and outside of the building for tennis courts, tekraw, futsal, basketball, badminton, volleyball, gymnasium and any area primarily used for sports such as boxing, gymnastics, taekwondo, karate, yudo, jogging track and also a multi-purpose sports field, even including parking lot, helipad. It can also be used for waterproof deck. Materials are weather resistant. Reduce the danger of falling from slippery with flexible surface and colorful.

   Sports ground can be divided into 2 types:

  • ACRYLICSPORT FLOOR is a coating system as a type of flooring material. The 100% acrylic with a layer of rubber elasticity that is good to protect the impact from jogging and jumping. This is a standard system of universal flooring. Waterproof and impact resistant, suitable for tennis courts, football, basketball and multi-purpose stadiums. Not slipping or tearing easily. The floor can make its surface rough or smooth as you want.
  • Polyurethane Sport Flooris a coating system by using polyurethane flooring material.This is a special liquid coating used to coat the floor with multi-step coating process. Strong, very durable with long service life, no special maintenance required. Easy to clean. The system is colorful, durable systems, meaning that it uses rolling multi-layer system layer. The thickness ranges from150 microns to 1 centimeters, depending on the nature and type of sports designated in the stadium, even for outdoor track, badminton, bolleyball. This is not slippery nor easily tear.

Waterproofing flooring systems

High quality polyurethane coatings with moisture protection which is suitable for roofing, new roofing and waterproofing roofs, even an old deck that requires longer life, seamless joins, high elasticity and good cover. It is a waterproof coating system with high quality polyurethane sealing. Coating on concrete surface Polyurethane properties are highly flexible, heat- and temperature-resistant from sun. It can be used indoors and outdoors by coating concrete to prevent water permeability. It solves the problem of cracking concrete when the temperature, heat, cooling effect to the roof or failing of the building structure. It can also prevent the erosion of rainwater or seepage of water.

    Waterproofing can be divided into 2 types.

  •   ACRYLIC WATERPROOFING produces from Acrylic Resin Water (Water Base) qualify. Flexible up to 200-300% actively by coating with a roller brush or spray at a thickness of 1.2 - 2.0 mm. The waterproofing designed for concrete decks, roofs and walls’ buildings such as condominiums and hotels for coating and waterproofing the roof. Acrylic fibers are compatible with Fiberglass and polyester Mat to prevent cracking.
  •  POLYURETHANE WATERPROOF often referred to as the permeability PU (PU Waterproof), which is produced from the Synthetic Elastomeric Polyurethane materials ideally used for coating and waterproofing of concrete deck. Polyurethane is flexible up to 300-500% which is suitable for leakage prevention of concrete deck that is always stretched - shrunk - expanded and cracked.

The function of "Polyurethane Waterproofing" on a waterproofing decks and repairing cracks, Polyurethane is served as a tension holder when concealing cracks (Bridge crack), while the concrete deck cracking Polyurethane (polyurethane) will stretch out and cover cracks between them. Water cannot flow through the cracks as Polyurethane would prevent leakage.

Waterproof Product Code is a waterproof material that can withstand the water on the roof for more than 10 days so in the continuous rain water absorption Polyurethane will serve as rain water and prevent leakage.

System traffic lines and symbols (Epoxy Lining and Sign System)

Ground floor parking lot factory service with special color ensures that the area is clear and beautiful. In addition, our company also accepts various symbols or marks. The

products are divided into 2 types:


  • Epoxy SignsRoller paint with epoxy on the floor, factory floor, work surfaces with

high temperature resistance, acid, alkali, chemicals, priced by size and service area.

  • Epoxy LiningEpoxy BrushesRoad surface, factory floor, various work areas are resistant to high temperatures, acid, alkali, chemicals.